Downtown is where many St. Louis residents venture out. With plenty of attractions, restaurants, and year-round sporting events, it truly is the gateway to the city.

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The Downtown neighborhood is constantly moving. Whether it’s the business crowd, a pack of sports fans, or a class field trip to the City Museum, there are always people about enjoying the city. There’s always something happening just a few blocks away—or right outside your door.


There’s no lack of history here. The Old Courthouse, Old Cathedral, and Laclede’s Landing give a glimpse into the city’s history. The old Union Station, once a railroad terminal, has been repurposed into a hotel and shopping area. And of course, one can’t forget the gateway arch, the  symbol of the city. The arch is open to the public: you can take a ride to the viewing stage at the top, or visit the Museum of Westward Expansion that lies underneath.


Because Downtown is such a destination, there are several entry points into the city. Three major interstates, 64, 70, and 55, bring commuters in the morning and sports fans out at night. The Metrolink also stops at several points of interest in the downtown area.


The diversity of Downtown stems from a variety of luxury high-rise apartments and modest rental lofts. The neighborhood is full of artists, young professionals, and families.

Once in the city, it’s easy to stay there. With the pick of cuisine from several bars and restaurants, kitchens stay open late to service the downtown crowd. But if the urge for a homemade meal arises, there is a local grocery store in the center of the neighborhood.


On any given night, you can catch a homerun at Busch Stadium, a chart-topping artist at the Savvis Center, or simply take in a panoramic view of the Arch at Three Sixty Rooftop Bar. There is as much culture downtown as there are sights. Gain a new perspective at the Contemporary Art Museum, take in musical stylings at Jazz at the Bistro, or indulge in fudge at Union Station. With more than 100 restaurants and 33 bars, Downtown never stops entertaining.


The Downtown neighborhood is part of the St. Louis City School District. Blocks from Saint Louis University and Washington University, students are exposed to college courses and summer programs of these neighboring institutions.


Gateway Arch National Park

This park is home to the iconic 630-foot tall Gateway Arch, symbolizing the city's role in the westward expansion of the U.S. It features the Museum of Westward Expansion and the historic Old Courthouse, offering panoramic views, historical exhibits, and educational programs.

Fairground Park

Covering 131.46 acres in St. Louis and established in 1908, Fairground Park has historic roots dating back to the 1856 fairs. It offers recreational facilities including a fishing lake, skating rink, swimming pool, and sports fields, hosting numerous community events.


A three-acre urban park and sculpture garden in downtown St. Louis, Citygarden offers over two dozen sculptures among interactive water features, a café, and lush landscapes. Opened in 2009 and maintained by the Gateway Foundation, it's a blend of art, nature, and urban living.


Population: 10,268

Zip Code: 63101, 63102, 63103

Connect: Downtown STL


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